The Long Awaited Return

Kind of.

I’m a little disgusted how quickly the rest of summer passed. It’s two weeks from Halloween and I haven’t quite got a handle on things yet. We are still in the process of moving, but not the pick-up-boxes-and-unpack kind of moving. 95% of our belongings are still in storage, and still in Virginia. We, on the other hand, are living with my in-laws in WA with whatever we managed to jam into our cars for the cross-country drive.

In general we are well taken care of, the fall is beautiful and blustery, and I’m finally around family. So naturally, I’m depressed, because making sense was never required for my emotions.

I’m pushing through though. I finished a rewrite, I’m working through the primary editing stages with my editor, and I’m starting to go to the gym again. All good things.

Give me a little more time to figure this all out and hopefully I’ll be back to weekly posts.

Let me know if you have requests!