Nudist Vampires

We are finally in our new (rented) house. One of the joys of moving is finding how other people arrange their homes. The fun little additions and odd quirks that make a place unique are a lot of fun to discover.

Our new place must have been previously lived in by nudist vampires. Let me explain.

The house is set in a new community of cookie cutter homes with strict HOA requirements. (None of which we’re particularly concerned with since we’re only renting.) There is a 6′ fence separating us from the neighbors, but our fence also happens to be completely covered by twelve foot arborvitae shrubs, turning our back yard into a mini oasis. But you wouldn’t want too much sun in rainy Seattle, so there’s also a covered deck, a sun umbrella, roll down bamboo shades, and an additional gazebo over the hot tub (yes, this place has a hot tub—which I’ve never had to mess with before so it could get interesting). I don’t know about you, but to me that just screams hot tub skinny dipping.

Inside is lit with soft lights on dimable switches. Every window has heavy wood blinds that block out almost all the light, but the two largest windows also have electronic sun screens that roll down at the press of a button. Add in that the massive hedges also block out a fair bit of light and we’re looking at a dark, cool cave of a living space. I mean come on. It screams vampire!

I’m just hoping it’s this vampire:


Wish us luck as we continue to settle in!