Story Engineering: Review

This is a Ravenclaw’s dream resource for understanding story structure and the elements that create a binge-worthy book. Author Larry Brooks loves his metaphors and sometimes takes a while to make his point, but he does eventually make it. He’s a little obsessive on picking apart The Da Vinci Code and Top Gun.

The book helps identify your writing weaknesses and strengths. I would recommend this to ANY new writer who does not yet understand how the art of novel writing (for genre fiction) begins with a basic foundation. This would also be great for seasoned writers who struggle to create publishable works with regularity.

Story Engineering doesn’t shy away from harsh truths and emphasizes the amount of work necessary to write a manuscript. It doesn’t delve into the “six core competencies” with overwhelming detail, but provides readers with a sense of how to separate other writing craft books into specific skill categories for future reference.