Carry On

Carry OnHOW TO make the magic happen

Step One: Get some people online or in person who want to read and learn more about writing.

Step Two: Get snacks.

Step Three: Pick a leader for the day and go through the discussion questions. Take notes. Get inspired. Be awesome!

Step Four: Eat snacks.

Step Five: End the day with practiced storytelling skills, and a growing network of like minded friends.

(For more information on how book club works check out Nerdy Book Club.)

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Disclaimer: I am doing this as I learn, to continue to learn, in order to spread the learn! I fully accept that I will make errors and missteps, but I aim to improve my own skills and yours by critically reading unusual books. Spread the word and have some fun!

Want to recommend a book? Leave it in the comments below or fill out the contact form. I LOVE getting recommendations for new amazing books so don’t hold back.

Want to ask about the questions here? Go for it! Unfortunately, I’m not running my own book club, but instead I’m offering the tools for you to create your own in person or online. I still encourage honest constructive criticism on all aspects, so ask away. We’re all here to learn!

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