Happy Holidays

Welcome to my favorite gut-busting time of the year. A merry time of overindulgence mixed with magic.  Oh and also, FANTASTIC MOVIES.

Did you see Thor: Ragnarok? What about Star Wars? Coco?

I don’t even care if there were critiques a plenty, because my inner fangirl has been fed a feast of geeking out. Am I the only one who feels alive when the shipping is strong or the mind-blowing power erupts from the MC? Like, yes please. All. The. Yes.

Some housekeeping: I’ve been depressed and stressed in my current living situation, which is killing my creativity. It happens, shit happens, life happens. I’ll get over it, but in the mean time my blog is less of a priority while I struggle to find a way to stay sane.

I’ve not read anything that truly captured my attention as of late, but here’s a list of recent reads:

Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher – Filled with tropes, like, painfully so.

First book collection of Elfquest from 1978 by Wendy and Richard Pini – Surprisingly delightful, though it took me a while to get over the dated art style. Has a very classic INSTA-LOVE connection, but hey, 1978, I’ll forgive it.

Fables graphic novel 1 & 2 by Bill Willlingham – Not bad, but not my thing. Kind of like a gritty Once Upon A time.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Claire – Yeah yeah, I know, I’m behind. Interesting steampunk flare, fun male protagonists, and a surprisingly good job portraying a woman with the ideals of the time (aka internalized sexism). I’ll probably read the rest of the trilogy.

More updates next time. Keep your fingers crossed for us!