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I almost wrote “book self” and if that doesn’t sum up the reading experience, then nothing will.

My goal this year, and most every year, is to read 100 books. To some people this is an insurmountable mountain of reading. Others, complete this goal monthly.  Alas, I am a slow reader, and so far I’ve yet to win my challenge, but I always read something interesting no matter how close I come to completion.

Yesterday, I binge read An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. I woke at four in the morning, unable to sleep, and decided to start a new book. After the first chapter I thought “eh, I’m not hooked, but I’ll give it one more chapter.” Well, somewhere in that second chapter I completely lost myself, never fell back asleep, and continued reading all day. By four that evening I’d finished the book and felt utterly lost—so I put a hold on the sequel. To me, the book is a fantasy twist on an Empire similar to the First Order from Star Wars, only darker. You already know Star Wars is WWII in space, well, welcome to the YA version in fantasy with a sweet romance tied in.

I’m a few chapters into Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge, by Paul Krueger, but other than the quaint idea of cocktails acting as magical potions, I’m not particularly intrigued. But, as you may remember, I have quirky tastes in books.

Just before that, I stumbled upon Reflection by Elizabeth Lim, which is a twisted Disney book with the premise of “What if Shang was injured, instead of Mulan?” It was interesting, but more so for the idea that someone could write canonized world books from their favorite fandoms and get paid for it. Life goal? Maaaaybe.

Otherwise my list of books has outgrown all my shelves and all my time. I will die with a list of books to finish, but I’ll keep chipping away one at a time.




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