Book Club—The Hate U Give

This month for Nerdy Book Club we delve into one of the most moving YA novel I’ve read in years. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas stays with you long after you’ve finished the pages.

Gather some friends online or in person and discuss the importance of Thomas’s words, the character’s journey, and the reality reflected inside.

Check out the Nerdy Book Club page for a list of other novels and printable discussion questions!

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As a personal update I’m officially taking a month off for my cross country move. I managed to finish my newest manuscript and get it out to beta readers, so by the time we’re settled in our new state I’ll be able to edit to my heart’s content. Unfortunately for now I have to go clean out the fridge. Goodie.

But don’t worry, in my down time I’m going to read, read, read, and take plenty of notes so when I get back I’ll be itching to post a dozen book club updates!